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CATEGORIES: Metal Forming , Fiber Laser Cutting ,





The use of an IPG laser leads to a strong cutting capacity and long service life.


The high-strength integral welded machine tool undergoes a stress-relief high temperature annealing to provide a long deformation-free life.


A high quality servo motor and reducer are used to guarantee the running speed and accuracy of the equipment. Under normal operation, there is no need to change the motor and reducer within a 5 year period.


An automatic lubricating device is mounted to ensure a smooth machine operation with a low noise.


A dust removal and fume exhaust device is installed on the cutting area to quickly discharge any dust and exhaust gas, and thus, protect operators.


The modular laser structure features a good performance and is maintenance-free.


A professional CNC system and cutting software supports CAD drawing and text programming, as well as allowing for cutting of various patterns and texts.





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