ETM 660

  • ETM 660

CATEGORIES: Conventional , Lathe Machines , All Geared Lathe


  • The Guideways and all gears in the bed in the headstock are hardened and precision ground.
  • Machines are with a powerful headstock gear train and rigid spindle for high accuracy
  • Feed rod and lead screw interlocked
  • Easy operating speed changes levers
  • Cam lock spindle nose
  • Need not change gears you can turn all the metric and inch thread indicated in the chart
  • An overload safely device is provided on the apron
  • With foot brake, coolant system, chunk guard as STD. accessories
  • Head Stock with compulsory lubrication system
  • Spindle with mechanical clutch
  • Big Spindle Bore
  • Hardened and ground Guideways
  • Adjustable slip clutch eliminates tooth breakage caused by overload condition(ETM 660 & ETM 800)
  • Rapid movement is available in the Apron Box, which will improve efficiency.


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